Verify the Accuracy of Your Professional Listing

The Tax Preparer Registry is an online searchable database of federally licensed tax preparers used by individuals and business owners to find tax preparers authorized by the IRS to prepare tax returns. If you have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) issued by the IRS, you should verify the accuracy of the information provided.

Instructions For Tax Preparers

  1. Enter your last name and state of residence to search the database for your record.
  2. Locate your name and click on it to open your profile.
  3. Please issue yourself a NEW user name and password.
  4. Modify your profile as you wish.

How We Safeguard Tax Preparers' Information

Tax Preparer Registry allows the registered tax preparer the flexibility to control how much or how little information is available for the public to see. This was done to address the concerns of the tax professionals and respect the privacy of their personal information that they had provided to the IRS before they knew this information would be publicly available under the FOIA.

1. A tax preparer's actual "PTIN" was not made available under the FOIA, is not asked for by Tax Preparer Registry and, for security purposes, Tax Preparer Registry discourages tax preparers from providing this number for public display in their professional profiles.

2. The email addresses of tax preparers are not accessible to the users of the Tax Preparer Registry website. All email communication available in the Featured Tax Preparer Professional Profile is done in a secure window without revealing the tax preparer's email address.

Verify Your Listing

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